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I’m Cheryl, a Homeopath / Natural Health practitioner dedicated to helping you and your family live a vibrant life without mental or physical pain, discomfort, restrictions, or toxic chemicals. 

Are you fed up with not feeling great? Tired of suffering with your symptoms and yet can’t see an end in sight, no other option? I totally understand – the frustration of getting nowhere with Doctors, Consultants and medications feels like you’re hitting a brick wall in fixing your problem.

I help people just like you to heal your mind and body with natural remedies that stimulate healing in a gentle, natural, safe yet effective way, helping you to feel better, have more energy, less pain and greater joy.

Your body can heal itself if given the right stimulus – Homeopathy is that stimulus for over 200 million people worldwide. I experienced the power of Homeopathic treatment first hand when my own family’s health was suffering and the ‘usual’ options and medications were not helping. Witnessing the results lit a fire in me to help others who feel helpless or disheartened like I did. Now I love supporting clients in their journey to better health by getting rid of pain, balancing hormones and emotions, improving gut health, cleansing of toxins, supporting organs and building stronger immunity to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

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Wondering if Homeopathic treatment can help you feel better? 

  • Are you frustrated with not finding the right medicine or solution for your pain and want to explore another option? 
  • Do you suffer from low energy, poor concentration, bad moods, anxiety or sleep problems?
  • Are you tired of being at mercy to your hormones? 
  • Does your IBS, digestion or allergies get in the way of you feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself? 
  • Are you fed up of THAT illness that stops you in your tracks and has you rushing for yet another course of antibiotics?
  • Do you want to avoid going onto lifelong medications or reduce or remove your existing medications?
  • Are you keen to improve your health in a natural and effective way? 

If yes to any then consider if Homeopathy is for you. I can help you;

  • Have more energy and feel calmer
  • Balance your hormones and mood
  • Get rid of pain, reoccurring illness and restrictions
  • Improve digestion/gut health and allergies
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Detox, cleanse and balance your body, gently
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Have clear skin

For more information about Homeopathic treatment in Manchester, UK, Cheshire or online with me see here.

Topics I commonly consult on for Homeopathic treatment

What clients are saying about Homeopathic treatment with Cheryl..

My 7-year-old has been prone to very high temperatures that last for several days ever since they were a baby.
When they were admitted to hospital after three weeks of illness before Christmas, it was the push I needed to look for alternative help.
Cheryl devised a bespoke course, based on so much detail from my child’s history. The change in my child’s immunity and ability to overcome viruses has been so great that I just wish I’d known about Cheryl sooner.

Nicola, Cheshire

I was introduced to Cheryl when I was in a very difficult place. I was dealing with grief, separation and ill health. Our discussions and homeopathic treatment slowly helped me turn my life around and give me a sense of value again.

Lynn, North East England 

Have to give enormous thanks and gratitude to amazing human beings like you that go and spend the time, getting qualified in order to help people Thank You Cheryl you’ve done it again.. over a week of chesty, uncomfortable coughing using Solomon’s inhaler at least 2 a day… within 24 hrs your remedies have worked first night we’ve had no coughing

Rachel, Cheshire

Thank you so much for all help and ensuring we get better it is very much appreciated and the way I felt on Thursday I do believe there is no way I would have bounced back as quick as I did with our your help and remedies. It would have taken me about 5 days to get over it. The fact that I could function on Friday was amazing. Thank you x

Jane, Solihull

Cheryl is absolutely amazing.  Both my partner and I have both been treated by Cheryl. My partner suffered with a horrendous cough which simply wouldn’t shift for weeks. He then spoke with Cheryl and she worked her magic and gave him a wonderful remedy, which shifted the cough within a day or so. We were so amazed. I was suffering with sensitive teeth which wouldn’t stop no matter what different toothpastes or tooth brushes I tried. I had a lovely consultation with Cheryl and she gave me a remedy which helped instantly with my sensitive teeth. I can now drink hot and cold drinks with no discomfort.

Sophie, West Midlands

I have been to Cheryl for Sinusitis which I tend to get with every cold. Before Cheryl I would suffer for 2-3 weeks with blocked sinuses which would never shift. After speaking to Cheryl it shifted within the first couple of days of taking the remedy, I was delighted. I have also learnt so much more about taking care of myself and my well-being from Cheryl. She has helped educate me on what my body needs in order to keep it balanced and healthy. She is such a wonderful human, with what feels like never ending knowledge and compassion towards each and everyone. I am forever grateful that life bought me to Cheryl and I will continue to use Cheryl for any future problems for both myself and my family. Thank you x

Louise, Warwickshire