Natural health practitioner / Homeopathic remedies

Hi and Welcome, I’m Cheryl, a Homeopath / Natural health practitioner dedicated to helping you and your family live a vibrant life without mental or physical pain, discomfort, restrictions, or toxic chemicals.

I’ve always had a passion for natural healing and living our full potential, so for over 20 years I have explored natural health remedies, wellness and alternative therapies. 

These were side interests as I spent many years as an Operations Director, navigating the corporate world and managing offices and teams across Europe and America. 

The turning point came after having two children, our first had eczema and allergies, and our second had severe reflux.

The increasing doses of medication and creams came with side effects. They were not resolving the problems. So, I set out to find an effective, alternative way of healing and discovered Homeopathy – the results were astonishing!

Homeopathic remedies for all

I then explored further with homeopathic remedies, treating friends and family with symptoms of Flu, Colic, Reflux, Ear infections, Tonsillitis, IBS/Gut health, Eczema, Infections, Hay fever, Sports injuries and Migraines. As I dove deeper, I also discovered how effective natural health remedies are for healing Anxiety, Fear, Grief, Overwhelm, Concentration and Hormonal imbalances.

I found the benefits of Homeopathy were endless…the repetitive infections stopped, gut problems were fixed, eczema cleared up, hormones stabilised and we became healthier, more balanced and resilient without reliance on medications. No more rushing to the Doctors for antibiotics and over-the-counter medications and creams….I could resolve our family’s illnesses naturally at home.

I wanted to help more people, so I studied in depth for five years to understand how this nanomedicine can help with the myriad of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms and chronic illnesses that we and our loved ones encounter. 

Now as a fully qualified registered Practitioner with the Society of Homeopaths and many happy clients, I apply an empathetic, pragmatic, and holistic approach to individual health, seeking to discover root causes and provide the tools to heal, support and restore health and well-being so you and your family feel your best. As a Natural Health Practitioner, I love witnessing the positive changes in my clients as we work through their Homeopathic treatment plans.

Cheryl has endless passion in supporting and improving your physical, mental and emotional health with individualised treatment plans involving a range of natural health remedies to heal your symptoms and bring relief from pain so you can live a life with more joy and a greater feeling of wellbeing and freedom.

To see if Homeopathy or other natural health remedies would be beneficial for you or your family, please take advantage of the free 15-minute discovery call. Alternatively if you’re ready to move forward, BOOK NOW to arrange an appointment. 

Cheryl is a registered Homeopath, Homeobotanical (potentised herbs) Practitioner, Human Chemistry Detox Practitioner, Tissue/Cell salt and Flower essence prescriber and qualified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Wherever you are in your health journey, I wish you endless hope and healing on your path.