Homeopathic Cleanse & Detox: Natural Body Detox Homeopathic Medicine

Feeling like rubbish? Suffering with symptoms and feel like you need a health reset? Boost your health with a Homeopathic cleanse, detox and re-balancing plan…

Did you know that you can supercharge your health by doing an easy, gentle, non-restrictive natural Homeopathic cleanse without drastic measures or restrictive eating? 

How often do we treat our body to a Marie Kondo clear out? A chance to de-clutter, to remove the toxins we accumulate, to reset and move to better health. We clean our house, de-weed our gardens, clear the filters on our household appliances, change the oil in our car, but our internal organs and systems? – rarely or never. We chuck a load of junk in there (often unintentional and unknowingly) and then suffer the consequences once the body starts to slow down over time and gradually malfunction. 

The human body is immensely intelligent and knows what to do when it isn’t so overwhelmed. Your clever body neutralises and excretes toxins naturally all the time – your lungs exhale carbon dioxide, colon gets rid of waste, kidneys filter your blood, your digestion sorts out the good from the bad, lymphatic system drains tissues of waste products, the skin sweats out waste and the mighty liver processes toxins that get ingested, put on your skin, eaten or injected. 

However, our modern lifestyles overburden our system beyond what it’s designed to cope with, which leaves us worn out, bogged down by toxins, and over time the toxic build up can impair how our magnificent machine functions and performs…

Our body becomes swamped with toxins, so the healthy body functions can get blocked, overloaded, congested, and the excess of toxins accumulating can lead to you experiencing a wide variety of unwanted symptoms – loss of energy, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, weight gain, moods, pain, recurring and chronic illnesses etc. Think about your shower drain blocking up, the waste accumulates where it shouldn’t, it can no longer do the job of draining the water as well. We see this reaction in our bodies as well – we end up storing the chemicals, pollutants, medications, heavy metals, pesticides in our tissues and cells simply because it’s too much to deal with.  

Then things start going wrong. As these toxins build up, they get in the way of our natural processes and can affect our ability to fight viruses and disease, can increase inflammation, mess with our metabolism and affect our hormones, neurotransmitters and mood. This situation gets worse over time, building layers upon layers of illnesses and dis-ease labels as we age often resulting in long term medications, restrictions of freedom, joy and movement. And when we add the inevitable trauma, grief, shock, stress that we experience into the mix that also impacts our health then it’s clear we humans have a lot to cope with! 

Let’s stop that downward spiral with a Homeopathic cleanse. We can be proactive to avoid this familiar pattern of health decline that we see, and instead enjoy great health and freedom so we can live life to the full. 

There is nothing more valuable than health “Health is not valued until sickness comes.”  Thomas Fuller. 

Signs you need a Homeopathic detox

Toxic overload manifests in a variety of symptoms and can be a factor in hormonal disruption, low energy or more seriously Chronic fatigue and auto immune disease. Signs and symptoms that you may need to a gentle Homeopathic detox include:

  • Feeling tired all the time, sluggishness, loss of vitality
  • Hormonal imbalances – period issues, peri/menopausal problems
  • Anxiety & Depression & poor mood 
  • Hair loss, brittle nails
  • Skin – spots/rashes/hives/eczema/psoriasis/dullness
  • Concentration difficulties/Brain fog/memory
  • Digestive problems – IBS, constipation, indigestion, Acid Reflux, Bad breath
  • Sensitive immune system – Frequent colds/flu/coughs
  • Frequent headaches/migraines/dizziness
  • Bloating/weight gain/sluggish metabolism/gas
  • Joint aches and pains, arthritis
  • Sleep problems
  • Allergies/sensitivities
  • Alcohol abuse, Sweet cravings
  • Urinary infections, Candida/yeast infections
  • Use of Drugs (over-the-counter or otherwise)
  • Exposure to pesticides, heavy metals
  • Restlessness, unsettled

Would you benefit from a Homeopathic detox?

Most likely, yes a Homeopathic cleanse will help! No matter how hard we might try, it’s impossible to avoid toxins – all of us have had exposure to one or more of the following in our lifetime and will continue to do so:

  • Antibiotics/Steroids/Anti-histamines
  • Birth control pills/Hormone therapy
  • Medications, vaccines, Heavy metals
  • Chemicals from food (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, addictives)
  • Fungi/mould, 
  • Bacteria/viruses/Parasites
  • Air pollution
  • EMF’S/Radiation (computers/phones/xrays/airplanes etc).

The body can cope with some levels of toxins, but the quantities that we consume in modern life stretches it’s ability to detoxify. Also too much of a certain toxin over time can wear down the body, e.g. 1 round of antibiotics versus 5 rounds of antibiotics, anti-histamines all summer long each year, birth control medication for years, exposure to mould for years etc.

The goal of an effective Homeopathic cleanse is:

  • You have bounds of energy, a zest for life, no more sluggishness, you feel great 
  • Your moods are balanced, no hormonal rollercoaster’s
  • Better digestion – balanced gut microbiome, decreased bloating/ fluid retention
  • You can think clearly, less mind fog, more concentration
  • You are sleeping well, waking refreshed
  • Feeling happy and motivated
  • Clearer skin – fewer pollutants inside to clog your skin
  • Improved immune system – less illnesses and quicker recovery
  • Breathing more clearly – better respiration
  • Reduced or no inflammation or chronic pain 
  • Weight loss – boosts metabolism and improves gut microbiome

With so many ways of detoxing (restrictive eating/juicing, fasting, colon cleansing, removal of dental fillings) it’s hard to know where to start, what works and whether you want the hassle at all! Starting to make changes can feel overwhelming which is why a lot of us don’t start or we stop before we have finished the good work! But Detoxing/cleansing doesn’t need to involve eating restrictions, silly schedules or bags of motivation…NO pep talks or motivation needed to start or stick to a Homeopathic detox….

How does the Homeopathic cleanse / detox work?

Human Chemistry/Homeopathic Detox therapy uses nano natural remedies to address the root causes of symptoms and target specific chemicals, toxins, organs, glands, cells and systems that are overburdened and/or malfunctioning. The remedies work with your body to stimulate your capabilities to cleanse, heal, rebalance, repair and restore proper healthy functioning to damaged, sluggish, malfunctioning or overactive systems, so they all work optimally and in harmony with one another. 

Your body can then release, drain and eliminate the impurities and remnants of the stuck toxins, cleanse the liver, as well as kidneys, intestines, lungs, bowels, blood, lymph and skin from toxicity in a transformational, safe, gentle, non invasive way. This frees your body up to perform more effectively; when the body is no longer slowed down, burdened and challenged then defending itself and remaining balanced becomes easier –  the cells, tissues, organs and systems can focus on the other core stuff it should be doing well, like supporting you with more energy, better sleep/skin/digestion, clearer thinking, balanced hormones, contented moods, less pain and illnesses, improved immune support. 

These Homeopathic detox methods have been extensively developed by Dutch Homeopath Ton Jansen, his team and Homeopaths globally. Having trained in this Homeopathic detox therapy, used it within my own family and with many of my clients, I have seen first hand how a homeopathic cleanse can yield fantastic results leaving you feeling so much better than before the Homeopathic detox. 

We use a multitude of methodologies and remedies to target, stimulate and balance the body, a few examples of methods are below; 

  • Organ, system and gland support, cleansing and rebalancing – we use targeted organ remedies to help support and remove toxins from the specific organs that are impaired or need to work optimum. E.g. In chronic fatigue the adrenal glands are impaired so we can prescribe a remedy to re-balance this gland. 
  • If your hormones need rebalancing then you may need to detox from certain drugs or contraception’s that have been consumed in your life so your endocrine system is reset and recharged to work effectively. 
  • If your thyroid is overactive or underactive then we can support this gland to rebalance through the detox. 
  • In Menopause symptoms the liver needs supporting, we can concentrate on detoxifying this organ so it’s free to cope with fluctuating hormones in better. 
  • We can use methods to de-sensitise you to things that you overreact to e.g. If you have hay fever we can provide you with remedies made from pollen to teach the system that it’s ok. If you react to animal hair then we can work on de-sensitising your body’s reaction to this etc. 
  • If your digestion hasn’t been right since taking antibiotics then we can give you a Homeopathic version of that antibiotic to undo the mess/remove the side effects, balance the system and remove the symptoms. This works with anything that you have consumed where you now feel the side effects from, or where you know you haven’t felt as good since you took a certain medication or treatment. Doing a cleanse doesn’t remove the protective benefits of anything you may have consumed, but rather it resolves the toxicity or residue associated with it, which is what can be causing you discomfort. 
  • Supplementation via Homeopathy – if you are low on certain vitamins or minerals then we can run a Homeopathic course of the vitamin or mineral to improve your levels alongside supplementing of the vitamin or mineral. By combining the methods we see the levels increase significantly quicker on blood tests so you can benefit from improved health sooner. 
  • Along with all of this, we will always be addressing your emotional state, any previous grief, trauma’s, shocks, disappointments, stress in order to release the stuck emotions to support health and future happiness. This is part of standard Homeopathy treatment. 

How do I begin a Homeopathic cleanse?

The first step is to book a free discovery call to discuss your health challenges and concerns. Or see the consultation page for more information about the process. 

Then we have a detailed consultation to work through your history, identify the largest contributors to your symptoms, understand toxins exposed to/taken/ingested, emotional or physical triggers that have resulted in the current state of health. 

A fully bespoke Homeopathic detox prescription with remedies is put together and posted to you for your specific needs, history, symptoms, imbalances, health goals, your body and mind. This begins to address the underlying root causes and symptoms, by focusing on Homeopathically cleansing and rebalancing the offending toxins and/or organs and systems. 

The Homeopathic detox plan is outlined and the remedies are natural, very simple and easy to take. No need to avoid or change anything in your life during this Homeopathic detoxing process.

Depending on your individual history and symptoms, you may only need one Homeopathic detox program but could need several if you have a strong history of toxins, medications and are suffering from very poor health as a result. If several are needed then there is a clear hierarchy /order of detox based on the body systems and what is most critical to cleanse, balance and support first to improve your well-being and bring relief in the most effective and gentle way. We will establish this before proceeding with your Homeopathic detox.

Homeopathic detox and rebalancing programs are typically 8 weeks long but can be shorter or longer depending on your history. 

This Homeopathic cleanse and detox approach is highly individualised to you – we can’t avoid toxins so we must learn to deal with the challenges of our time in the best possible way to improve health and proactively care for ourselves. With chronic disease rates increasing globally, so many are struggling with mental or physical health problems and could look at Homeopathic detoxing to help their symptoms. To learn more about Ton Jansen and the Human detox therapy / Human Chemistry methods click here.

The best time to plant an apple tree is 5 years ago, the next best time is now. So rather than suffer anymore, no matter what you are challenged with, how complex it is, there is likely a Homeopathic treatment plan that would benefit you in some way. If you would like to run anything past me to see if I could help and to what degree then please book a free discovery call here.

With so much love,