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Are you fed up with your symptoms and want to thrive not just survive? Whether you are looking for Homeopathic medicine online or in person there are flexible options to suit you….

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This is a 15 min talk about what’s bothering you to see how Homeopathy can help.

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Consult with me for Homeopathic advice online via video calling. Or I provide the same natural health services in person in Cheshire, England (near Manchester, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Altrincham, Macclesfield). Complete a health form so we can get the most out of our session.


We discuss your concerns, symptoms, pain, health history, life events, medications, individuality, nature, and your bespoke natural health treatment options. 

Treatment plan

Homeopathy is most effective when matched to your nature and particular symptoms so I will strive to perceive your way of experiencing your symptoms to find the appropriate remedies that match you holistically. After the Homeopathic consultation online or in person, I will analyse your information from our session to create an individualised prescription to impact your symptoms in the most effective and gentle way. Once complete, the natural remedies are posted to you.

Start your healing journey with natural remedies!

Remedies arrive in the mail, with full instructions to start taking straight away. Easy, gentle, safe, natural, and non-toxic.

Follow-up appointment

Usually 4-8 weeks after. We discuss your progress, impacts on your life, symptoms, pain, moods etc, and what you like to focus on next. Then, you will be sent a revised natural prescription.

What can Homeopathy help me with? 

A huge range of symptoms, both mental and physical such as Hormones, Anxiety, Asthma, Food allergies/Environmental allergies/Hay fever, Low energy, Sleep problems, Skin disorders/Eczema/Psoriasis, Stress/Tension, Depression, Mood/emotional problems, Grief, Fears, reoccurring infections, Coughs, Arthritis, Muscles/joint pain, Pregnancy, Infertility, Menopause, IBS, and many more. 

Your symptoms are your body and mind’s way of letting us know of its state of disease. Our role is to identify an individualised remedy that resonates with you to stimulate your body to heal and bring you back to a place of ease, balance, calm and enjoyment.

What can I expect from treatment?

Successful treatment of your mental, emotional and physical symptoms can bring relief from your complaint, pain, restrictions or suffering, and you may benefit from better sleep and an improved feeling of well-being and balance overall. This can help make life’s challenges easier to contend with and make life more enjoyable overall. 

Good health incorporates the mind, body and emotions, and Homeopathy is a holistic therapy taking into account your whole self rather than just your label of disease. So when one part of you is helped, then so all the others benefit too, as they are interconnected. Homeopathy can have such a great impact on your symptoms then. If you are on medications, close monitoring with your Doctor is advised so that, in some cases, as you begin to heal, your Doctor can reduce or remove your medication accordingly. 

How long until I feel better?

Homeopathy is an individualised form of medicine. The impact and time to heal varies from person to person and can depend on your symptoms and history. A remedy can make a life-changing impact after the first consultation or can take months or longer to impact the symptoms to a greater degree. In any case, we embark on a journey together to improve your quality of life, well-being and symptoms that are perhaps inhibiting your life or are in the way of you feeling your best. 

Fee’s for natural health services online or in person

First appointment, including remedies and postage, £120. 75 mins.

Second and all subsequent appointments, including remedies and postage, £85. 45 mins.

Replacement remedies in-between appointments, £20.

Replacement tincture bottles in-between appointments, £24.

Acute consultation including remedies and postage (existing clients only), £25. 15 mins

Homeobotanical and Homeoherbal tinctures, £24. see here for more info

Anything else?

For more information on Homeopathy, please look here

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