Homeobotanicals UK: The Power of Homeobotanical Medicine

What are Homeobotanicals?

Homeobotanicals help you with your health concerns and improve your ability to absorb nutrients. They are gentle yet powerful blends of organic, wild-crafted herbs in liquid form which are then diluted to increase the safety of using herbs and then potentised homeopathically to improve the action of the herbs. These are neither strictly herbal nor homoeopathic but a unique combination of healing therapies – they work on physical issues, have a nutritional component to assist in assimilating micronutrients and minerals, and help support energy and emotions. 

Being trophorestorative in nature (a fancy word for nourishing and balancing), the lovely Homeobotanical herbs in these blends support the organs and systems to bring your body back into balance so you can regain health and vibrancy naturally and safely. 

Homeobotanicals were developed in New Zealand over 30 years ago and have been a hit with clients ever since.

What can homeobotanicals help with?

Homeobotanicals can help relieve the symptoms of many short and long-term health conditions, including:

Eczema, Asthma, Allergies/Hay fever, Auto-immune conditions, Gut dysbiosis/issues, fatigue/vitality, Hormone imbalance/Menopause/PMS/Fertility, Arthritis. Brain fog/memory, Mood swings, Migraines, Pain, tiredness/lack of energy, food intolerance, coughing, colds & flu, insomnia, varicose veins, and piles, to mention a few!

The time taken to heal with Homeobotanicals depends on the duration you have suffered and the complexity and severity of the complaint, imbalance or disease. I recommend combining Homeobotanicals with Homeopathy for deeper seated conditions to accelerate healing. 

A bespoke health solution completely tailored for you!

The Homeoherbals and Homeobotanicals blends are selectively chosen and bespoke to you based on your symptoms.

Depending on your problem areas and health priorities, they target specific organs and body systems.

For example, if you get migraines around your period, then blends of ‘Migraine’ and ‘Female hormone balancer’ can be added to a tincture.

Or if you have skin issues, then a Homeobotanicals/Homeoherbals blend of Gut repair, Gut seal (skin issues begin in the gut), plus ‘Skin’ can be added to your blend.

If you require an all-over Organ cleanse and system detox, the Organo blend and Supergreens blends can be added together.

There are so many options of using Homeobotanicals depending on your health and energy goals. 

You might benefit first from a detox – a cleanse of your insides!

A huge benefit of Homeobotanicals is Detoxification – if your organs haven’t had a good clean, they won’t function in tip-top shape.

Homeobotanical detoxing is often the first stage of treatment if you have long-term/chronic issues, and once the toxic load is removed, the body will often start healing. It’s similar to clearing the filters in our household appliances so they work better. If we let them build up, the problems will come, and they won’t go away until a clearing is done!

But the detox doesn’t involve any crazy dieting, just taking three drops of Homeobotanicals tincture, most likely three times a day. If detoxing is complete or isn’t required, we can move on to nourishing the organs to heal the issues you are affected by and regain balance (homoeostasis).  

So how will homeobotanicals help me?

  • Clear out the rubbish from your body  – release your toxic burden by detoxing the organs, removing the toxins we ingest, inhale, and absorb – a clear, fresh body operates more efficiently!
  • Helps most health conditions – targets specific organs and systems in the body.
  • It improves the absorption of nutrients and supports the body’s immune system to enhance vitality and accelerate recovery. 
  • Stimulates healing – gentle dynamic action on the body due to how the remedies are prepared.  
  • Restores vibrant health and energy by regaining balance in your body – Homeobotanicals can be used alongside other therapies, both naturopathic and allopathic, in the acute and chronic management of illness to improve the results. 
  • It can be taken orally as drops, added to gels, creams, oils, dressing, drinks etc – extremely flexible.
  • Pleasant tasting and super easy to take – Homeobotanicals can be given to children without forcing them to take yuk medication or gummy vitamins packed with sugar (we have vitamin/Supergreens combos that are great for adult and child nutritional support). Each bottle lasts for around a month. 
  • Suitable for sensitive people – babies, the elderly, and everyone in between.
  • Homeobotanicals are 100% natural, gentle acting and effective/reliable. 
  • My clients love them, and I certainly do too (I take Matcha, VITMIN and Supergreens daily to easily provide my body with healthy herbs).
  • Depending on my client’s needs, I can add Flower Essences and tissue salts to the Homeobotanical tinctures. 

Some of my most popular Homeobotanical blends are:

  • Energy tonic – Zest (fab herbs for your adrenal glands), Supergreens Plus and Vitmin – (for nourishment to aid energy). 
  • Gut problems – Gut seal plus Gut repair plus Gastro or Organo blend (to help support and detox other organs supporting the gut). 
  • Anxiety – BE CALM plus Spectra (very grounding) and either Hormone mix or Organo blend. 
  • Hay fever help – Histaherb (contains quercetin and nettle) plus Allergy plus Zest (for energy as Hay fever can be exhausting!). 
  • Kids & parents love – Supergreens and VITMIN blend to help improve nutrients absorbed by little ones.
  • Periods pain/PMS- Female hormone mix, BE calm, VITMIN. 
  • Menopause –Menopause mix plus Liver (for detoxing) plus either Brain fog/Cognito, Migraine, BE Calm or Supergreens plus (supports the thyroid), depending on the most pressing issues.
  • Acne/skin issues – Organo blend (detoxing) with Immune (boosts the immune system to get rid of toxins) and Female hormones mix (hormones can often be associated with Acne). I’ll often add Gut support in too, if we aren’t targeting that with Homeopathy. 

If you want to learn how Homeobotanicals can help you on your health journey or want to order blends tailored to your specific needs, please book a free discovery call here.

And if you’d like to read more about these beautiful blends, please visit Homeobotanicals UK at www.homeoherbs.co.uk

Cheryl Peavoy is a certified Homeobotanical Therapist listed with Homeobotanicals UK & HomeoHerbals UK & Europe. Cheryl is also a registered Homeopath, Human Chemistry detox practitioner, a Flower essence prescriber and an EFT practitioner. She consults with clients online world-wide and in person near Manchester / Cheshire.